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Choosing face to face or telephone counselling

How could counselling help me?

If you or someone you care for is encountering any of the problems and hurdles which life may present us with, counselling may be the way forward. It is traditionally termed a 'talking therapy' and is an opportunity to discuss any concerns or worries, which you may feel unable to talk about elsewhere, in a safe and non-judgemental environment.

All counsellors work differently, according to their training, experience and interests. My approach to counselling is largely client-centred, i.e. I try to help clients explore their current issues in living, but also to illuminate these by reference to their previous experiences of life - in childhood, relationships, and other significant areas/periods. This process can be led by you and your feelings about which areas you want to focus on most.

I aim to help people explore their individual difficulties, and, where appropriate and requested, to find sustainable and progressive ways of coping.

I see clients for varying lengths of time according to need - this can range from short-term work of between one and a few sessions in duration to seeing clients for longer periods of time. There is no commitment to a minimum or maximum number of sessions. Your therapy is in your hands. Frequency of sessions is also open to discussion, most commonly being weekly or fortnightly.

If counselling is something you would like to explore, don't hesitate to call and discuss your individual situation without obligation. I can be reached on 07989 951693. Sessions can be arranged for weekdays, up to a latest start time of 9pm. Weekend sessions can also be available. It is usually possible to make an arrangement for an appointment without the need for there to be any significant waiting period or delay.

I'm having difficulties with my partner - would relationship counselling be useful?

Couple counselling can be useful in providing couples with an opportunity to talk about their issues in the relationship in a more controlled environment. I aim to facilitate both parties in exploring their view of the relationship, and in improving communication in the relationship. Before arranging couple counselling discuss with your partner how they feel about coming for counselling, and what they would hope to achieve by coming.

How much does a session cost?

Face to face or telephone counselling sessions both cost £60 per one-hour session for individuals or couples, or £75 per one and a quarter hour session (longer couples session). Details for direct bank transfer are available on request. Sessions missed without notification are chargeable in full, as are expenses incurred in pursuing unpaid debts.

When can I book a session?

I work weekdays (Monday to Friday) and weekday evenings up until a latest start time of 9pm. Weekend sessions are available on request.

Telephone 07989 951693 - enquiries without any obligation to book - 8am to 10pm, including weekends.

Choosing face to face or telephone counselling

In the modern world we all lead busy lives - it may be that you would like the chance to talk through your problems with a professional but can't spare the time away from work or feel anxious about meeting your counsellor face to face, especially initially and particularly if you haven't ever been to counselling before.

Telephone counselling can be one solution. This is, basically, a full counselling session conducted over the phone and lasts the same amount of time as a normal session conducted in person.

Ethics and Confidentiality: I follow the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy code of ethics and confidentiality.

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